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HTML Not Rendering in Gmail

I’ve been handling many of my company’s email campaigns for some time now and I can honestly say that it’s been pretty fun from a technical stand-point. There’s a lot that goes into email marketing (not including the marketing/sales implications). It has it’s own conventions, ideologies, and I believe to the utmost that there’s a larger future than presumed in store for the sometimes misunderstood technology. (I’m patiently waiting for a mobile device header-type.)

Export Data as CSV

In my research I found a hundred and more different ways to manage the task of exporting data into a CSV file. Whenever I’m learning something new, on a new system or with a new language, I like to build the process myself from scratch. And being a minimalist programmer it just seems fitting. Enjoy

Dynamically Render Images With PHP

If you’ve been frustrated with having to resize images for the sake of continuity or load time and don’t want to develop an entire caching system than this post will be of great value to you.

Paypal Express Checkout NVP API

I’m not sure why Paypal has written documentation, regarding its own Express Checkout name-value-pair API, with no enthusiasm at all. The classes used with the Paypal API are extremely easy to use. All of this is likely contributing to the confusion about using Express Checkout. But I’m here now, to save your application, and hopefully your sanity.

Server vs Client

My presumption is that it’s because of the passionate advent of JQuery, that there has been an increasing rise of using Javascript, in precedence of a server side language like PHP or Ruby. This circumstance is arguably the sole cause to how and why, mostly designers, are simply not learning a better way. I’m here to enlighten you.

PHP Flickr Gallery

In my search for finding a simple solution to any problem, I usually cross many and many blogs and articles, discussing whatever topic. But with so much detail that the solution becomes a problem in itself. So I often times end up resolved to research on my own. In this case, I share the simplest programming method for displaying a Flickr gallery, with PHP.