March 27, 2013

Send Text Message Through Email

Posted on March 27, 2013  •  1 minutes  • 213 words
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If you’d like to send a TXT message through email rather than use a SaaS application, such as Twilio, you can send SMS messages through SMTP.

Below is a list of some common gateway email handlers to turn emails into TXTs. Just switch out the default phone number for the one you want to communicate with:


Metro PCS


U.S. Cellular

Cricket Wireless




If you know any handlers I haven’t included, please leave a note in the comments section below, and I’ll update the above list as soon as possible. Thanks

Some caveats to this transaction method:



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Try out Twilio. They offer a free plan that includes 200 messages to send each month and maintains a series of APIs that are easy to use and open source.

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