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Database Version Control With MySQL Utilities

The following steps are meant to capture a snapshot of your development database structure and your staging/production database structure, compare the two, and provide SQL to consolidate the differences.

Multi Column Unique Indexes

When a database key is created from a combination of two or more columns, the key is called a composite key. Each column may not be unique by itself within the database table but when combined with the other column(s) in the composite key, the combination is unique.

Rails 2 and Acts_as_paranoid

Overrides some basic Active Record methods for the current model so that calling #destroy sets a deleted_at field to the current timestamp.

Android Javascript Debugging

As a web developer, I have to use console.log a lot to see what’s going on with Javascript in my web applications, and Android Browser does not make this an easy task.

Keeping Your Heroku Dyno Awake

Apps that have scaled the number of web dynos (dynos running the web process type) so that only a single web dyno is running, will have that web dyno idled out after one hour of inactivity. When this happens, you’ll see the following in your logs:

Activate Java Console in Mac

When you need to debug a Java applet running on your website, there’s only one way, and that’s with Mac’s built-in Java console.